The aim of the BBSRC Advanced Training Partnerships is to strengthen specialist scientific skills in strategically important areas for the agri-food industry in the UK, through flexible, postgraduate training.  BBSRC.

About Advanced Training Partnerships

In 2011 the BBSRC awarded four 5-year partnerships a total of £12M, with each one operating under the leadership of an academic institution.

Each partnership focuses on a particular research area, and the four are complementary, covering the full range of food production from soil to plate as shown in the themes above.

These partnerships are sustainable formal collaborations between users and providers of high–level skills in the agri–food sector, bringing together companies with research and training organisations. Such partnerships are vital for ensuring that the UK continues to make significant contributions towards national and global food security, through the supply of individuals with the right skills.

For more information on the partnerships visit our "about us" page, or the individual partner websites through the logos below.

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